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Apple’s Acquisition of C3 Technologies Spurt New 3D Maps App Speculations

After quasi-artificial intelligence and three-dimensional maps, the future plans of Apple has been predicted as acquisition of C3 Technology. These predictions are pouring in from various sources all over the Web world.

If true, this will be the third acquisition by Apple of a mapping company since 2009. Last year, Apple acquired Poly9 which was their second acquisition of the three-dimensional mapping company.

As per VentureBeat reports, the employees of three C3 technologies have already joined Apple's iOS team headed by CFO Kjell Cederstrand, CEO Mattias Astrom and Ludvig Emgard the lead Product Manager.

As of now C3 Technologies is still working through headquarters in Sweden but, the name of the company has been changed to "Sputnik" a division of Apple after the acquisition.

The rumoured $240 million acquisition actually took place last year and it fits all the bills of Apple as the company has the tendency to take an inward view and get solutions for different technologies, which otherwise are taken from any third party vendors like Google Maps; whereas on the other hand the C3 technologies' solutions for mapping are called "Google Maps on steroids". Thus, this acquisition is a very intelligent step by Apple.

In view of these developments the future of iOS with mapping has been speculated as that Apple will cut all its ties with Google to favour the mapping database of Placebase which is Apple's first acquisition.