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Beta Version of Kinect for Windows SDK Available for Developers

A beta version of The Kinect for Windows SDK has been made available for developers, with a launch date of early next year.

The beta version has a motion-sensing capacity of the Kinect for Xbox 360 technology to help in the creation of new apps widely used by academics, researchers and enthusiasts.

Microsoft, in an announcement, said that Kinect applications have found its way into education, health care, and other industries.

Kinect has about 600 patents and even though it was designed specifically for video gaming, due to low cost and usefulness, it has grown beyond gaming. This wonderful device allows users capture motion in 3D, includes microphones, facial and voice recognition, RGB camera and depth sensors.

Microsoft announced that, "the Kinect for Windows commercial program will launch early next year, giving global businesses the tools they need to develop applications on Kinect that could take their businesses and industries in new directions," as published in the Microsoft News Center.

The latest SDK beta version will have APIs to do raw sensor streaming and also motion tracking of human, drives, and a huge number of technical documentations.