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Google Doodle Celebrates Halloween

While carving a pumpkin is a traditional Halloween activity, it is a messy endevour and not much fun or easy to clean out the inside.

The worst part is that all the hard work that goes into carving a pumpkin lasts for just a few days.

Google Doodle's have become a popular way to celebrate holidays and other special occasions online. Halloween is certainly no exception.

The Doodle team created monstrous pumpkins sitting on different pallets with bales of hay. The largest of the pumpkins weighs over 1000 pounds easily. The pumpkins are so huge and gigantic that it took eight hours for the whole team to carve them, according to a report in The Telegraph.

The first video clip shows the time lapse to complete the pumpkin carving process, which is about eight hours.

While the team carves their pumpkins, other Google folks roam around in costume having a good time. This is what Halloween is really all about; being silly and having fun with friends and family.

And, finally, after the long process comes to an end, candles are placed inside the pumpkins to light up the letters of the Google name.