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Google, Yahoo Digital Newsstands Coming Next Week

A new report has shed light into how the Internet firms Google and Yahoo! are all set to dish out their own digital newsstand apps.

According to the report published in the tech site AllThingsD, the new offering by both the companies could be launched as early as the next week itself.

The AllThingsD report states that Yahoo! is going to unveil its offering, dubbed Livestand on Wednesday. The company previewed the new technology earlier in the year.

On the other hand, Google is likely to launch its own offering, codenamed Propeller after the launch of Livestand. The official name of Propeller has not been announced yet by the company. However, according to the AllThingsD report, there is a pretty high probability that it will hit the market the next week, or the week after at best.

"Google Propeller is an HTML5 reader for the Apple iPad and Android - essentially a souped-up version of similar apps such as Flipboard, AOL's Editions, Zite (which was just bought by Time Warner's CNN) and Pulse," Kara Swisher of AllThingsD noted in her report.

According to media reports, both Google and Yahoo! are leaving no stones unturned to boost their respective offerings with rich media content.