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Groupon Rival Google Offers Undergoes Major Changes

On Thursday, Google Inc. introduced some major changes to its declining daily deals business - a move that has been taken just after their rival in the market, Groupon Inc. opened up its IPO for potential investors.

The company made the declaration that Google Offers business will be distributing regular daily deals from a minimum of 15 other sites of daily deals which includes TIPPR, Gilt City, Plum District, kgbdeals and Juice in the City.

First of all subscribers in San Francisco Bay Area will get the Google Offers deals to use, and in next few months new cities will get bigger inventory deals as per the company plans.

Groupon, which is the largest daily deal site, Google tried to purchase it for $6 billion in 2010 but that could not happen. At the beginning of this year Google finally launched their own daily deals business and started sourcing offers depending on its own force of sales.

Through the announcement made on Thursday, Google made it clear that they are capable of offering lot more deals without the need of expansion of their sales force.

Google most likely will be sharing their revenue from new offers with all other sites of daily deals. Google's advancement has posed a big question for Groupon's roadshow which is facing the problem of doubting investors.