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HP Not Done With webOS Yet

Recently, rumours surfaced all over the Web that the technology giant HP was on its way to kill the company's webOS operating system platform.

One of the top executives of Hewlett Packard made an appearance in Bloomberg and managed to do some quick damage control - the WebOS will remain alive, he said.

Earlier in a report published by Engadget it was revealed that HP is planning to kill the webOS division and Bradley referring to this said that it is an "unfounded rumour".

Going a step further Bradley said that "accolades for the operating system are broadly known" and the company is currently focusing on how "effectively utilise that phenomenal software".

In the exclusive interview, Bradley revealed that there is always the option of selling the troubled OS to the highest bidder but, before making any decision the company will weigh all "data and information" available.

Currently, the operating system is in a state of isolation and no work of development has been initiated and there are no chances of any improvement whatsoever.

The whole of the interview of the executive vice president of the personal systems group at Hewlett-Packard Co. Todd Bradley can be watched on Bloomberg website.