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Late News: Microsoft Advocates Patent Reforms, Sterling & Mosaid Deal, Anonymous Posts Video

The number of mobile related patents lawsuits are increasing in such a huge number that to keep track of them there is a need to prepare flow charts. There is a whole lot of activity that is going around-- for example Kodak is suing Apple, while Samsung and HTC are taking one-on-one with the iPhone maker Apple; also RIM, the maker of Blackberry and Playbook sued Motorola and Kodak.

Recently, it was revealed that in late 1994 Microsoft put an effort by offering a deal to buy Netscape the browser maker which Netscape eventually turned down as the offered price was too low. In the current scenario, this can be viewed as one big miss in the history as Microsoft later on created their own browser and made it a part of the Windows OS platform.

Recently, a private equity firm signed an agreement to buy Mosaid Technologies for C$ 590 million. Mosaid Technologies which happens to be an Ottawa-based target company, already entered into a deal with Nokia and Microsoft to acquire a bunch of core wireless patents. Now reports have emerged that those patents have also been included as a part of the recent agreement signed by the company with the private equity firm.

In a recent turn of events, an online video has been published in Spanish and English language by a self-proclaimed member of Anonymous Veracruz, Mexico, accusing Los Zetas, who is one of the most powerful drug cartels in the Mexico, of kidnapping and holding hostage a male unnamed Anonymous member.

It might sound a little weird to many, but a new report suggests that e-readers actually tend to get heavier every single time a new title is downloaded. However, the report also claims that the difference in weight hardly affects users, as it is no larger than the weight of a single DNA molecule.

Ravi Mandalia

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