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Microsoft Attorney Claims ‘Android Standing on the Shoulders’ of Others

Google's Android software has been accused by Microsoft's one of the most senior advocates for "standing on the shoulders" of different companies as their own in the war of the smartphones and also because of this, the natural outcome is that there are a number of ongoing patent infringement lawsuits.

The deputy general counsel for Microsoft, Horacio Gutierrez, said in an interview with San Francisco Chronicle that after spending huge amount of money as well as large amount of efforts to produce new products, the patent protection is necessary as incentives for the companies.

As much of the focus has been diverted from hardware to various software, patents of software has become necessary. Gutierrez on this said, "The question of whether software should be patentable is, in a sense, the same as asking whether a significant part of the technological innovation happening nowadays should receive patent protection."

Gutierrez addressed the modern smartphones as full-fledged computer that comes with sophisticated and modern operating systems.

The repercussions of the complaints is that the number of companies having grudge against Google and their partners of Android handsets are growing and this can be proved from the fact that litigation over patent rights has grown in last 18 months.