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Microsoft Productivity Future Vision Video Showcases Stunning Technology Future

Earlier last week, Microsoft unveiled its surprising and eye-catching Productivity Future Vision video. There were quite a number of things which were revealed - from the see-through refrigerator to a software application capable of discovering a breakthrough product design on its own automatically, and also the growing plants on the walls of any ethereal white office.

In fact, the plants growing on walls of a white office is actually a real building in the Microsoft headquarter campus.

Nothing of this future technology seems like a myth or unbelievable, however, the very clean surface is something which looks unbelievable. Be it the office, the car, or the surface of the kitchen where the bake sale project is taking off, everything looks too clear, too shinny.

Calling these as common criticism, David Jones, who is the acting director of the video's creator, Microsoft's Envisioning Lab said that almost any surface is capable of acting as "crisp and contextually savvy display" and also would not anyone keep the counter cleaner if that person can watch Hulu on the surface? reported Fast Company (opens in new tab) website.

The whole of the interview video along with written version of the question answer session is available in the website to give better idea about Microsoft's future projects.

Ravi Mandalia

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