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RIM Provides ‘Lawful’ Access to Indian Probers

BlackBerry and PlayBook maker Research In Motion (RIM) has set up a brand new facility in Mumbai - the financial capital of India, in order to assist the government to monitor its BlackBerry Services in a lawful manner.

RIM happens to be one of the most sought after brand in India's smartphone market.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the Indian government is not fully satisfied with the move taken by the Canadian smartphone maker.

Apparently, the government has been demanding the company to allow access to its encrypted email and instant messaging services - the two most prominent features that makes BlackBerry such a massively popular product line. In fact, last year the Government of India even threatened to terminate the two services in India if it was not allowed the access as demanded.

"We are not operating under any deadlines and we believe the government of India is now applying its security policy in a consistent manner to all handset makers and service providers in India, which means that RIM should not be singled out any more than any other provider," RIM said in a statement, according to the WSJ report.