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Siri, Camera and iCloud Feature in New iPhone 4S Ads

Apple has released three new commercials focused on iPhone 4S; the main features depicted for the users are the improved camera, iCloud and of course, Siri. The voice command assistant was also the star of the first iPhone 4S commercial aired ten days ago in the US.

The dedicated camera commercial (opens in new tab) explains not only how iPhone 4S can now take better pictures, but also how the user can also edit and manage them with ease, with the easy zoom, cropping with just a few touches and the red-eye removal, for example. There is also the mention of the Twitter integration and easy sharing.

The commercial focusing on iCloud (opens in new tab) services points out that iTunes Music downloads are available across devices, documents update instantly on all the owners' Apple devices as well as bookmarks, and photo streaming between iPhone and iPad is also instant.

Siri's second appearance (opens in new tab) in a commercial highlights an assistant ready to give helpful responses to questions, such as "what does my day look like?"; reminding about appointments, giving directions, reading recent messages and giving a weather forecast.

In the good old Apple tradition, all three commercials, are simple, clean, and focus on how the iPhone 4S' can affect our everyday life rather than being cluttered with technological information.

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