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Switching from BlackBerry to iPhone 4S: A User's Experience

Analysts have predicted that large numbers of Blackberry users may be switch sides from RIM devices to the newest Apple handset, following the well-publicised woes of the former coinciding with the launch of the 4S.

John Dix of Network World writes about his personal experience switching to Apple's newest handset as a BlackBerry user of many years, in an article on ITWorld (opens in new tab)published today.

Dix explains that it was not only the recent outage he faced that made him turn to Apple but also the unconvincing performance on RIM's PlayBook. He claims it was unable to provide satisfactory access to Internet "the connection was hard to set up and was always disappearing, forcing me through the pairing process over and over".

Looking to experience the transition from a Blackberry to Apple's world, John Dix headed to iPhone 4S for starters and noted the change. The first obvious difference he noticed was related to the absence of a physical keyboard. After he took a short while getting used to that, he admitted that now typing is even faster on his iPhone 4S. The lack of punctuation on the keyboard still bothers him although.

One of the main things he valued as BB user was the email experience. He found that the email interface isn't very different, and it was easily customisable on the iOS 5 handset.

Siri's Dictation feature helped to make things easier, but with some slight, yet funny, mistakes when translating names: "Tim Greene" became "Timber", and Bob Wallace showed up as "Bubbles". The Calendar is also easier to use on iPhone 4S than it was on Blackberry, he says, as well as the basic functions.

The build quality he finds to be high, though it is a tad heavy and the glass back is, in his words 'stupid'.

iCloud services and AirPlay streaming are also seen as a definitive plus, but Dix did mention that he was moving from a relatively old BB model, and probably would be impressed by new features on the latest RIM phones too.

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