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US Accuses China of Cyber Attacks on NASA Satellites; China Denies All Allegations

China denies hacking into US NASA satellites after a US government report accused China of cyber espionage.

According to an article on The Inquirer, China, known for mounting cyber espionage operations around the world, has denied any wrongdoing.

A US government report claimed the Chinese military hacked into NASA satellites used for monitoring the earth's climate.

"[The US] has always been viewing China with colored lenses. This report is untrue and has ulterior motives. It's not worth a comment," said Hong Lei, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

The spokesperson also added that China i also being constantly bombarded with cyber attacks, so it can't possibly be behind the alleged cyber attacks

The report went on to say that hackers gained access to NASA satellites on four occasions by exploiting vulnerabilities in a base station in Norway. The alleged attacks lasted two to 12 minutes, the report claimed.

No damage was done by the hackers during their virtual space bound excursion, but it shows that satellites up in space can be hacked into and controlled by any one with the power to do so.