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Video-on-Demand and Media Streaming Services on the Rise in the UK

SeeSaw faced trouble, even before it started its discarding process, to become a on-demand television programming portal.

SeeSaw was basically a technological bi-product from "Project Kangaroo," which is a program that involved a few British broadcasters like the BBC with the intent to create a television service over the Internet.

In 2009, the U.K. government declared this highly speculated project anti-competitive and prevented its launch.

SeeSaw was started by media service company Arquiva in February, 2010. According to this BBC report,"It offered a range of free-to-watch programmes supported by advertising, with an optional fee to turn the adverts off. It also had premium pay-to-watch shows."

At present, there's an increase in video-on-demand products in the UK. Netflix will soon join Google's YouTube and Amazon's LoveFilm service providing online film rentals. Also cable, terrestrial and satellite broadcaster in the UK now offer various pay-per-view as well as catch-up services.

This is good news for companies that want to provide these services in a competitive marketplace.