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Virgin Media Announces New Subscription Services with Music Streaming Partner Spotify

Virgin Media has announced some of the first bundles to be launched under its partnership with music streaming service Spotify.

The company announced a six-month premium Spotify subscription package for its broadband customers while Virgin Mobile customers will receive premium access to Spotify for three months.

Virgin Media also revealed that users will not have to pay extra for using their Virgin Spotify subscription service.

The services are available to new and existing customers who are renewing their contracts with the company. Virgin also announced that users who already have a Spotify account will be able to merge their subscription with the new ones to get their free months of access, as reported (opens in new tab) by the Inquirer.

"The launch of Spotify on Virgin Media marks a significant milestone for digital entertainment and the way it is enjoyed by consumers. Bringing together Virgin Media services with brilliant entertainment such as Spotify is a core part of our ongoing strategy and we're excited to be able to lead the way with such a great partnership," said Cindy Rose, executive director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media.

The company also announced plans to launch a TiVO app for Spotify to bring the popular music streaming service to people's livingrooms.