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Apple may Bring iMessage and AirPlay Mirroring to Mac OS X

Apple is reportedly looking to bring iMessage and AirPlay Mirroring features to its Mac OS X desktop platform.

Citing sources familiar with Apple's plans for Mac OS X, 9to5Mac reports that Apple is currently working on the applications for iMessage and AirPlay Mirroring for Mac OS X.

Those providing the information were however not sure whether the projects will ever see the light of the day, but claimed the company is actively considering putting these features into the future version of Mac OS X Lion, the newest iteration of the Mac OS X platform.

The AirPlay Mirroring feature will allow users to stream what is being shown on their Mac laptop or desktop to their Apple TV, which will be in turn connected to a projector or TV display. This feature is going to be useful for businesses and executives when it comes to giving presentations.

The iPad maker was earlier expected to integrate iMessage, a service which launched with iOS 5 for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, with the existing iChat service on Mac OS X. However, according to sources, the company has not decided whether to integrate iMessage with iChat or launch it as a stand alone application. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.