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Apple Planning To Cancel Mac Pro Range?

Apple is said to be considering exiting the workstation market completely and canning the Mac Pro range according to a report published by Apple Insider.

The company doesn't publish separate figures for the Mac Pro line, but given that sales of its notebooks (MacBook Air and MacBook Pro) are three times bigger than its entire desktop range (Mac Pro, Mac Mini & iMac), it's clear that Apple's focus lies in mobility.

In addition, workstation sales are said to have fallen to such a level that it is "no longer a particularly profitable operation" and "Mac Pro's days are inevitably numbered" according to anonymous sources.

Two other factors could explain the demise of the Mac Pro range; the performance gap between the iMac and the Mac Pro is decreasing, and its consumer range has inherited the new high-speed, dual-protocol Thunderbolt interface as well.

This, Apple Insider claims, would "ultimately allow other, more popular members of the Mac product family to assume the vast majority of the roles that once required the Mac Pro's flexibility and architecture."

Mac Pros though remain unrivalled when it comes to scalability and flexibility. They are the only ones in Apple's portfolio capable of delivering multiple sockets, with acres of expansivity (storage, graphics cards, memory slots).

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