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Apple, Samsung Battling Over Touch Startup

Apple and Samsung have entered into another round of patent wars and this time both of these companies are fighting for possession of a small Californian-based startup called RPO which has some interesting patents related to "touch" technology.

The news of Apple's intention to invest in RPO, came soon after the news that they have already acquired latest technologies to provide the most advanced 3D mapping services to date and this will enable them to usurp Google.

RPO is willing to sell patents related to Digital Waveguide Touchscreen Technology (DWT) according to Electronista (opens in new tab). This one-of-a-kind technology helps to navigate any device by touch but unlike current technologies, there is no need of touch-sensitive layer on the display screen.

This technology could mean an almost 20 percent improvement in battery life and could also yield a much higher screen resolution without resorting to more transistors.

All these are possible because DWT uses tiny light beams which help to detect touch gestures once they are projected on various instruments and extremities such as finger tips, stylus, gloves or indeed any pointed device.

Désiré Athow

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