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Apple and Samsung Scrap Over Innovative Touch Technology Firm

Apple and Samsung are going head-to-head to acquire a tech company which would provide great ammunition for their patent wars; both companies are working hard to gain possession of RPO, a California based firm in possession of some very advanced and interesting patents related to "touch" technology, Computer World reports.

The news of Apple Inc's intention to investment in RPO, came soon after the news that they have already acquired the latest technologies to provide the most high-tech 3D mapping services to date, which will enable them to do away with using Google maps.

RPO is willing to sell patents related to Digital Waveguide Touchscreen Technology (DWT). This one-of-a-kind technology helps to navigate any device by touch even though the display screen does not require a touch-sensitive layer.

In other words, this technology could lead to an almost 20 percent improvement in battery life and also enable a higher screen resolution.

All this is possible because of the fact that DWT uses tiny light beams which are projected for the detection of touch gestures. This intelligent and innovative technology is capable of registering input from anything from fingers, stylus, glove, or even a pen. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.