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China Debuts Supercomputer at Conference in Jinan

Last year, China discussed plans for the fastest supercomputer on the planet. Last week, the newest Chinese supercomputer made its debut. Even while this supercomputer is hardly in the world's Top 10, is expected to go a long way.

The Sunway, BlueLight MPP supercomputer, does not have microprocessors from AMD or Intel, was introduced during a conference in Jinan, China and was also profiled in New York Times.

The chips used in this supercomputer are designed by the Chinese themselves. But it is not a Chinese microprocessor as expected by the supercomputer community.

Jack Dongarra, a Professor at Tennessee University said, "It shows that there's a significant effort underway in China to build multi-core processors that can be put into the world's fastest computers,"

After taking a look at the Top 500 supercomputer annual list, Dongarra told to the IT website Wired, "And you have to wonder what their strategy is in terms of pushing these chips outside of their borders."