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Cisco Improves Its Bottom Line By Streamlining Workforce

Cisco had cut 12,000 jobs in an effort to refocus on its core products and services. Now, in the current quarter, Wall Street analysts are expecting that Cisco will hit the expected mark, as reported by Networkworld.

This can be seen as an act of recovery as well as reinvention for the company. A bulletin released by Investment Boutique Oppenheimer and Co. addressed to the investors mentioned that they are expecting Cisco will meet their various targets in 2012's first quarter.

Then Cisco will be expected to build its momentum into the second quarter. Oppenheimer and Co. had a check of 35 channel partners of Cisco and found out that they are improving in their product mix as well as cost cutting initiatives.

The report from Oppenheimer also says the channel partners are reported to have received balanced demands from across US as well as Europe and especially very strong demand in finance markets.

These demands will likely affect the first quarter quarter and also a flush in IT budgets in the seasonal year-end as the public sector is as always weak and health care vertical is currently soft. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.