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More Evidence for Google's GDrive Emerges

After much speculation about the existence of the 'GDrive', a cloud storage solution from Google, now there has been more 'roof with the appearance of a page within the results of a Google Search.

The result shows a page titled "test page for Platypus (GDrive)" on which is an online word processing sevice that was acquired by Google in 2006.

The full result of the search reads "Writely - The Web Word Processor - test page for Platypus (GDrive)", and a URL appears. However, upon clicking on the link an error page shows up and a message is displayed "Unknown action. Please check the URL and try again."

The domain redirects itseft to Google Docs. GDrive, also known as Platypus, was a part of Google's internal operation till 2008 before it was terminated. However, as per recent rumours, GDrive is seemingly making a re-entry.

In Chromium, code was found which refers to, which is non-public, the tech website Tech Crunch reports.

The same website also released a screenshot taken from a presentation at an event sponsored by Google. The screenshot looks like Google Drive, and the text which reads "My Google Drive" which also confirms the same.