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IBM Allows Employees to Use Personal Smartphone Devices for Workplace Tasks

Bill Bodin, CTO for mobility at IBM, said the company is adopting "bring your own device" trend by allowing their employees to purchase and use smartphones and tablets for office work related tasks.

In an interview (opens in new tab)with Computerworld, Bodin said that by the end of this year, almost 100,000 employees of IBM can connect their handheld devices to internal networks of IBM and by 2012 another 100,000 employees will be connected to it.

This means that by next year almost half of global workforce of IBM will come under this scheme. To facilitate all this, the internal network of IBM has been fortified to ensure improved mobile security.

The recent consumer buying trend is the basis upon which Bodin made his comment. He said that as per expectations, the majority of employees will be buying an iPhone, tablet or an Android phone.

The workers must pay for their own devices as well as monthly service plans - from IBM they will receive guidance and also tech support.

The employees must load IBM's agent software on their gadgets to secure access to IBM's system, email and other various functions.