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Intel to launch four Celeron chips in Q1 2012

While Intel's Atom chips might be holding their own in the super-mobile market with netbooks and mini-HTPCs, its Celeron chips are still quite popular in the budget notebook game. To keep this trend alive, they plan to release four new versions of these CPUs in Q1 of 2012.

The first one from the lineup is a 1.6GHz processor, with dual cores handling two threads. Known as the B815, it doesn't have turbo support, but has a very low TDP of just 35W. This one is designed to replace the current generation B810 and only really improves upon it by increasing the graphics frequency to 1050MHz from 950MHz.

Replacing the B710 is the brand spanking new B720. It's a single core with no hyper threading so will only be able to handle one thread at a time. This is an interesting inclusion as single core chips are almost non-existent in most contemporary devices.

The final two in the lineup are the ULV 867 and ULV 797, both of which sport the moniker that stands for Ultra Low Voltage. The first is a dual core with a frequency of 1.3GHZ, whereas the second is a single core chip with a 1.4GHz clock. Both feature a very low TDP of 17W.

This is the first 2012 release of Celeron chips, with some extra ones showing up later in the year, most likely around Q4.

While AMD hasn't shown much in the way of competing with Intel at the high end, the company's lower-end mobile chips present more of a threat, so it'll be interesting to see who wins in these budget chip wars. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.