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LSI claims business as usual for SandForce customers

LSI has addressed concerns that its purchase of SSD controller specialist SandForce will have any affect on the company's impressive existing customer base.

SandForce's high-speed controller chips are used in solid-state storage devices from a wide variety of manufacturers and in products aimed at both enterprise and consumer markets. Despite some recent hiccoughs - including a firmware bug that resulted in crashes for users of drives based on its SF-2000 controllers series - its products remain popular.

LSI, having spent $370 million acquiring SandForce, is now the largest SATA-connected SSD controller company around - but it doesn't want SandForce's existing customers to worry.

"The intent is to continue to support the current customer base and the current product direction. So we don't see any impact to the customer base they have in place," LSI's Gary Smerdon told Computerworld in an interview earlier this week.

"Let's be clear: they were a start-up and there were definitely deals, particularly large ones, they were disadvantaged because of that. We think there will be a benefit for current customers, future customers and also a big win for LSI in the Warpdrive and PCIe flash adapters," he added, referring to LSI's existing SandForce-powered server products.

The acquisition of SandForce comes after memory giant OCZ announced its own purchase of controller maker Indilinx for $32 million to help reduce its reliance on external component providers. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.