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Mac OS X Falls Foul of DevilRobber Trojan

A new Mac OS X trojan horse has been discovered, which was apparently distributed via malware from torrent sites such as PirateBay.

In the last week, a trojan by the name of DevilRobber or Miner-D was detected in the pirated copies of Graphic Converter version 7.4 which was a popular program from Apple which they added to the Mac system for a short period of time, according to IT security blog Naked Security.

The prime purpose was to generate counterfeited copies of online Bitcoin currency by using the infected computers, though the Trojan also attempts to get personal information and data without the owner knowing about it.

Free software packages are often used as a means to rapidly spread Trojans and various other malware by thieves. The unsuspected users fall prey to such lucrative opportunity to get the software for free and end up risking their system.

Software piracy has various drawbacks besides constituting the crime of theft; there is the danger of running software which is potentially unstable and also a risk of opening new avenues for malware, which may not only damage the system but could be a threat to your personal information.

This is not a new process, a few years ago in the pirated versions of Apple iWork ‘09 suite, a Trojan horse named iServices was embedded. This Trojan horse, like most of them, tried contacting remote servers with the purpose of sending personal information and also downloading various malicious files in the systems which were infected. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.