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Nokia World 2011 – Final Thoughts

One Mobile Ring is wrapping up its coverage of the Nokia annual symposium that ended on Thursday, which in previous years launched the Finnish company’s flagship devices for a good part of the fiscal year. We are also revisiting the feature we published on Tuesday 25th October entitled “Nokia World 2011 – What are we likely to see?”

Nokia World 2011 began on Wednesday last week, where in our feature on the previous day we noted several predictions surrounding possible new handsets being launched on the very next day. This was along with an update to the deployment schedule of Symbian Belle onto existing Symbian^3 and Symbian Anna handsets – which wasn’t a feature of the show after all.

In February this year, Nokia made public details of a partnership with Microsoft. This was to see the mobile phone manufacturer set to use the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system on Nokia handsets, instead of the Symbian platform which the company had always used in the past.

Nokia World 2011 was set to be the launching stage for the first of these mobile phones, where two handsets were unveiled – which we correctly predicted the day before.

In June this year a video was leaked on-line, with the Nokia CEO demonstrating a mobile phone codenamed ‘SeaRay’ which had the revolutionary design of the Nokia 3.9-inch AMOLED screen N9 MeeGo based device. This is now known as the Nokia Lumia 800, where a 710 model was also announced last week with a LCD display and a similar set of specifications as the flagship handset, but with a lower cost attached.

Both of these phones had been leaked in various forms over the past few weeks, with images and specifications appearing on many different websites. All of these leaks were accompanied by another mobile, known by the codename of Nokia Ace – which was missing from Nokia World 2011.

This yet-to-be-announced mobile has been noted to contain a 4.3-inch AMOLED screen; the largest display to be seen on a Nokia mobile phone. There was no word or hint by Nokia as to when this device is likely to be launched. One Mobile Ring believes that two new Windows Phone 7 mobiles were enough of a revelation and a major gear change for the Finnish phone maker last week, where another paradigm shift wouldn’t have had the impact Nokia would have liked.

We suspect the Nokia Ace, although sadly missing from the 2011 line-up, will appear at February’s Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona – where it will be received with the type of recognition it deserves.

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