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Pete Townshend Critises iTunes During John Peel Lecture

Pete Townshend, lead guitarist of the band The Who, has called on Apple to start nurturing new music talent instead of sucking them dry like a ‘digital vampire', as reported (opens in new tab)by The Telegraph.

Speaking during the John Peel Lecture, organised to honour the popular BBC DJ, Townshend claimed that digital music stores like the Apple iTunes should start acting like a record label and help struggling and emerging artists with services of their own.

Townshend said during the speech that iTunes should provide more services to iTunes instead of just distribution and payment of royalties services it currently offers.

"Now is there really any good reason why, just because iTunes exists in the wild west Internet land of FaceBook and Twitter, it can't provide some aspect of these services to the artists whose work it bleeds like a digital vampire Northern Rock for its enormous commission?" he asked.

However, Townshenddid have a few nice things to say about iTunes. "It's a fantastic piece of software, I use it all the time and I was honoured once to meet the woman who wrote the software. But iTunes is not like radio," he said.

The rocker also revealed that he loved working on his iPad and using the GarageBand software that Apple provides.