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Research In Motion updates BlackBerry Messenger

Canadian maker of email devices RIM has released a new revision to their secure instant messaging client, in 6.0.1 of BlackBerry Messenger.

Research In Motion's BBM version 6 was launched in July this year, which brought with it new social messaging aspects to the software and the ability to contact people inside of other running applications whilst having apps socially recommended too.

The new version of BlackBerry Messenger has been designed to make it easier to discover a sample of the BBM connected apps, from within BBM itself.

This now allows BBM users a better way to seek, discover and share their app experiences with BBM contacts – along with offering developers a way to make their apps more visible and easier to find.

BBM v6.0.1 features “Explore BBM-connected Apps” from a menu on the contacts screen, which is designed to automate a BlackBerry app world storefront search to a list of up to 25 of the most popular BBM-connected apps.

BBM v6.0.1 now shares app-specific content with BBM contacts, regardless of whether the contact has the app installed or not.

As an example, foursquare users may want to share a tip or badge they’ve recently earned, where friends or contacts will also be prompted to download the BBM-connected app if they don’t have it installed.

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