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Seagate Debuts 1TB-Per-Platter Barracuda HDD Range

Seagate has joined Western Digital in launching hard disk drives with 1TB platters under the Barracuda branding.

The company has decided to merge all three Barracuda members into one, with the Green being phased out and the XT being converted to an all solid state storage device at some point in the future.

The new barracuda line up will be made up of four hard disk drives from 1TB to 3TB with the odd one out being a 1.5TB model.

Seagate opted for a 7200 RPM spindle speed compared to 5900 RPM for Green-labelled drives, along with a new controller produced using a smaller manufacturing process and 64MB buffer.

The drives consume between 5.0W and 8.0W in operation and between 3.36W and 5.40W when idling on average.

Anandtech (opens in new tab) did a brief test of the 3TB version of the hard disk drive and found that it was significantly faster than the Barracuda XT.

Increasing the platter density means that the sequential transfer rates increase as well, although not necessarily linearly.

Seagate's archrival, Western Digital, was the first to introduce a hard disk drive with a 1TB platter and the first out on the market with a 4TB hard disk drive.

Désiré Athow

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