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Is Sprint Reluctant to Take Back iPhone 4S Handsets?

With new iPhone 4S subscribers on Sprint experiencing serious issues with network speeds, and hundreds of complaints posted on the company's website, some of them have taken the drastic decision to send back their handsets.

According to the 14-day Satisfaction Guarantee policy, any discontented user should be able to return the device within this time frame without giving any reason to Sprint. However, the reality is not quite as straight forward as advertised, a recent report suggests.

One angry reader called David explained to The Consumerist (opens in new tab) the ordeal he had to go through when trying to return his iPhone 4S to Sprint in the last days of the 14-day period.

Firstly, he pointed out that the allowed period for testing a device is subject to interpretation. He claims Sprint representatives had initially suggested that this period starts on the day the phone was activated, which was before the shipment, then changed it to the day they shipped out the phone, and after some arguing agreed it was the day the user received it.

The Sprint representative on the telephone then told him that the return needed to be made at a store; however, when he arrived there he was told by staff that he needed to call Sprint and request a "return kit". When he called Sprint again, he claims he was scolded for waiting until the last minute and was subsequently cut off after becoming angry.

Anyway, the debate cost the unfortunate user precious days he says, until Sprint decided that the time for the return had expired.

A commenter on the site added "I returned my phone to the store the day after I purchased it and still received the run around and spent 3+ hours on the phone."

So, Sprint subscribers, be warned - don't procrastinate if you are considering returning your handset!

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