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Asus Expected To Ship 1.8 million Tablets In 2011

Asus says that it is likely to reach its goal of shipping 1.8 million tablets in 2011 as the company gears towards the launch of its quad core Transformer Prime tablet on the 9th of November.

According to its CEO, Jerry Shen, the company is on target to be the third biggest tablet manufacturer behind Amazon and Apple. Asus sold 1.2 million Eee Pad tablets in the first nine months of the year and expects to sell an additional 600,000 units between October and December.

The combination of Ice Cream Sandwich and new quad core processors is expected to boost demand for Asus's new tablet which will share the "prime" moniker with the Samsung Nexus Prime.

The report by Monica Chen and Joseph Tsai from Digitimes, did not provide any pricing details but added that there will be two new Eee Pad Transformer models, with the PadFone (announced at Computex) being shipped in February 2012 and a 7-inch Eee Pad likely to be pushed to market for around $299.

The arrival of Windows 8 next year is likely to give an additional oomph to Asus' tablet sales as the manufacturer will be betting on two different mobile platforms.

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