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BeagleBone: The $89 Open Source Hardware Platform From BeagleBoard

The all new BeagleBone has been dished out by the as an open source Hardware platform, announced the organisation.

According to the developers, the new BeagleBone comes as a pretty low cost, hardware hacker oriented, and expandable variant of the original BeagleBoard. Fan boys can get their hands on the new device for $89 only.

The new offering, as disclosed by the company, is based on the Sitara AM335X ARM Cortex-A8 microprocessor by Texas Instrument. has also stated that the new offering has been aimed at developers, hobbyists, as well as engineers.

According to industry experts, the new offering has the potential to make it fairly easy on the part of the developers - all thanks to the highly sophisticated sensors an controls featured by the BeagleBone.

"According to the BeagleBoard developers, the BeagleBone is also an easier-to-clone device, and schematics are already available. Expansion boards for HDMI, VGA or LCD displays are planned and a DVI-D board is at the prototype stage," noted a report by the tech website The H-online.

Overall, analysts believe that the new offering is well capable of simplifying the software as well as hardware setup of a board to a great extent.