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Fujitsu Introduces NuVola, a Private Cloud Platform

Fujitsu has unveiled a brand new private cloud computing platform to simplify functional IT process areas of storage, search, data analytics as well as multimedia transcoding.

According to the company, the new offering, dubbed NuVola, is based on a string of existing Fujitsu storage and server products, including Primergy server hardware and Eternus Storage etc. It is also linked to the company's business process utilities and software.

Fujitsu Frontech North America is known for its wide range of products such as self-checkout systems, retail point of sale terminals, kiosks, Ethernet switches, Biometric authentication technology, currency handling devices, RFID tags and more.

"The introduction of the PerfectSearch powered by Fujitsu Private Cloud Platform appliance gives our customers the consolidated power to globally federate, index, and search their entire cloud network," said Vic Herring, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, FFNA, in a statement.

"What this means is that organisations can go from zero-to-cloud in a rapid, turnkey fashion, and gain true control over their files, databases and disparate servers within their enterprise," he added.