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Google to Assist Business Owners in India to Increase Web Presence

Google announced on Wednesday a cost effective scheme to assist small and medium businesses in India to start their own websites.

The move, according to analysts keeping a close eyes on the company's affairs, has been taken to make the best out of the country's fast growing economy, which is increasingly transforming itself to fit into the current digital-era.

According to an estimate made by Google, India currently has over 8 million small and medium businesses; about 400,000 businesses maintain a website. One-hundred thousand of those businesses with a website also happen to have an active online presence, announced Google.

Experts agree that though the country has yet to develop an established e-commerce market, chances are pretty high that this will change in the near future.

In Google's own words, the presentation e-commerce in India has already undergone an "inflection point."

"We want to build an ecosystem...We are investing in the market," said Nikesh Arora, Google's chief business officer, in a statement to the media, according to a report by Reuters.