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Google’s GoMo Helps Businesses Go Mobile

Internet search giant Google has unveiled a new initiative, dubbed "GoMo" with the vision of assisting businesses in going mobile.

GoMo, which happens to be the short form of Go Mobile, has been developed with the sole intention of helping out those businesses that have already come up with their own mobile websites, but finding it hard to manage it as per the desired level, explained Jesse Haines, Google's group marketing manager for mobile ads.

According to analysts, the search giant has made the new offering with the view of beefing up its mobile ad business further. With this goal in mind, the company also renovated its mobile ad formats last week.

"Every day more and more of your customers are looking for you...on mobile devices. If you don't have a site that works for mobile, you're missing out. 61% of users are unlikely to return to a site that's not mobile-friendly," Google stated in a blog post.

The blog post by Google then redirects readers to the How To Go Mobile website. The HowToGoMo site also displays how a particular site would look like once it goes mobile.