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Hortonworks Introduces Open-Source Hortonworks Platform

Hortonworks recently introduced the open-source Hortonworks Data platform to mark their entry into software space. Hortonworks is a company formed from Yahoo! this past June.

Considered a minor business move by the company, as compared to Cloudera, the provider of Apache Hadoop and mega-vendors like Oracle, EMC and also IBM which have their own plans for Hadoop, Hortonworks will need to put forth more effort and not rely on only name recognition alone.

In July, Hortonworks CEO Eric Baldeschwieler said he was not sure that the company would release the software and that they were actually opting to provide only services and support, but "there has been a change of heart" as reported by

The primary target of Hortonworks is to use the omnipresent big-data framework of Apache Hadoop so that they acquire a customer base to operate with.

The CEO mentioned that to achieve this goal there is a need to change the core of the Apache code to make it an easy and user friendly experience. Also knowing which version the customer is using, it will be easier for the company to provide user support.