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ICSA Labs Enhances Anti-Virus Product Testing with Extended Wildlist

ICSA Labs, an independent unit of Verizon that provides security certification to anti-virus software, has announced the extension of its testing program to include the Extended WildList, as reported (opens in new tab)by MenaFN.

Testing is done against the WildList, which is a massive real-time database of known computer viruses. The lists is updated as and when new malware and viruses are discovered to make sure consumers are protected.

ICSA announced it was extending its testing program to include the Extended WildList, which is an additional database that includes viruses and malware like keyloggers and Trojans.

"In keeping with ICSA Labs' philosophy, updating criteria to reflect new security threats is the cornerstone of our certification programs," said Andy Hayter, anti-malcode program manager at ICSA Labs.

"To address evolving threats, ICSA Labs frequently updates testing criteria to verify that vendors are making their products more secure. In this instance, anti-virus products must now identify more types of malware," he added,

Anti-virus software must be capable of detecting 92 percent of viruses on the Extended WildList and 100 percent of the WildList to earn ICSA certification. The tools should also be capable of detecting 90 percent of viruses on the company's own database and must have zero false positives.