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iPad 2 Rival Alert : Motorola XOOM 2 To Cost £344?

Carphone Warehouse will be selling a new Motorola tablet called the XOOM 2 according to what looks like a scanned page from an Irish CPW brochure. According to the document (sent to Engadget), the tablet will have Android 3.2 Gingerbread, an 8.2-inch screen, Wi-Fi and tethering capability.

The design can only be described as being close to the Nokia N8 (a rectangle with corners trimmed) and quite possibly the thinnest bezel we've seen on a mainstream tablet.

We can expect an Ice Cream Sandwich update to come shortly afterwards, plus some improvements to the hardware compared to the existing Motorola XOOM.

A better processor (dual core 1.2GHz maybe), 1GB RAM, a 1280x800 pixels screen, two multi-megapixel rear and front facing cameras plus oodles of ports & slots (HDMI, USB, microSD).

We also suspect that it will not come with 32GB like the Motorola XOOM to cut down on the bill of materials.

At £344, it would be less than the suggested retail price of the Motorola XOOM (at £399) but more than its discounted price of around £329.

The question therefore is whether you want a big very capable tablet, with 32GB for £329 or a more expensive one with a smaller screen, possibly with slightly improved hardware and less memory.

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