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iPads will Outnumber Computers in US Schools in Near Future

A survey polling 25 educational technology directors suggests that there will be more iPads in US schools than computers within the next five years, Apple Insider (opens in new tab) reports.

People responsible for technology integration in the classroom are testing Apple's devices but don't seem interested in Android tablets. One reason might be that the tablet market is widely referred to as the "iPad market", with Apple owning three quarters of the market share.

Apple's popularity among students and teachers increases the demand for educational tools belonging to the brand. Furthermore, analysts believe that in the next few years iPads are even likely to replace printed books, one reviewer comments that this generation will be the last one needing heavy backpacks.

iPads are already used in educational programs, as they offer a more individualised learning experience, compared to traditional computers. However, at present iPads are used to complement computers rather than to replace them.

Studies show that in American schools, there are about 10 students learning with the aid of one computer, but in the following years the situation might change. IT directors expect that in the next five years the iPad numbers will increase so that there will be around 6 students per tablet.

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