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Microsoft Killed Its Own Tablet - Courier

A new report has revealed how a potentially revolutionary product line from the Redmond based technology giant Microsoft got killed in the early 2010, before the project could even officially take off.

c|net published a report on how Microsoft's potentially game changing tablet device ‘Courier' found itself at the receiving end of some internal complications developed within the company around that time.

Courier, if the company decided to introduce the device into the market, would have become the first ever tablet by Redmond to be equipped with a two screen display. Microsoft was pondering over the possibilities of this pen or finger controlled device in the market during 2009 and early 2010.

"One group, led by Xbox godfather J Allard, was pushing for a sleek, two-screen tablet called the Courier that users controlled with their finger or a pen. But it had a problem: It was running a modified version of Windows," read the c|net report.

"Sinofsky was wary of any product--let alone one from inside Microsoft's walls--that threatened the foundation of Microsoft's flagship operating system," the report added.

[Image courtesy: Gizmodo]