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Ofcom Releases UK Mobile Coverage Map

Ofcom has come up with its first ever report on UK's communication infrastructure but, importantly it has also released a map depicting the performance of 2G as well as 3G mobile coverage in each part of the UK.

This new map by Ofcom happens to be an interactive, "fixed-line boardband speed map" with zooming features, the telecom regulator announced. It was published on Tuesday on the official Ofcom maps website.

A scale from one to five specified by different colours has been used to mark the performance of different areas. The colour green shows the coverage which are best and the red colour shows the worst areas.

The map has a button on its right-hand side, which when clicked, would enable the user to select from 2G or 3G service coverage as per different geographic areas or premises.

As per the report from Ofcom, 73 percent premises in UK is currently receiving 3G network coverage services provided by UK's five major network operators. This is the scenario of the premises, however, geographical area wise, just 13 percent of the whole country falls under the coverage of major operators in the country.

Another major insight that has been revealed by this map is that 30 percent of UK is not covered by 3G network coverage provided by any operator.