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Parents Helping Children Lie to Open Facebook Account

A new survey has revealed that parents help their children lie in order to open an account on social networking platform Facebook.

Facebook does not allow kids under the age of 13 years to sign up for a social networking account. However, a new survey conducted by Microsoft in partnership with universities reveals that parents help their underage children to lie to get on Facebook.

According to the survey, more than half of the parents with 12 year old children admitted that they knew their children were on Facebook while one in five parents of children aged 10 years were aware that their child was on the platform.

Surprisingly, parents were also aware of the fact that children under the age of 13 were supposed to open a Facebook account while 7 in 10 parents admitted that they helped their children set up the accounts.

"There has been outrage about underaged children being on Facebook. And as it turns out, many parents are not only okay with it - they are helping their children set up accounts," said Danah Boyd, a Microsoft researcher and co-author of the study titled "Why Parents Help Their Children Lie to Facebook About Age.", the survey for which was carried out by Harris Interactive.