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Sapphire debuts new HD 6970

Sapphire is a bit like the OCZ of the GPU world, releasing a lot of products to fill as many niches as possible. It isn't alone in doing this, though, as like many PC hardware markets, there's very little profit margin in individual pieces - it's all about the bulk sales.

With that in mind, Sapphire has released yet another Radeon 6970 card, this one sporting a new cooler with an imaginative new name: the Sapphire 6970 Dual Fan. While the stock clock of the card may put some off, this GPU is designed with a bit of overclocking in mind, as it not only has the twin fans to help keep things cool, it also comes with a dual BIOS. The first is considered the standard operation BIOS, but the second is more of a performance mode. This one ups the GPU core voltage to 1.2v and switches the fans to spin faster, generating more cooling and overclocking potential in one package.

However, you'll be working from the base clock here whether you choose to OC your new card or not. The dual fan features a standard 880MHz core clock, along with 2GB of 5500MHz memory. There's 1536 stream processors all running and a 256-bit memory interface.

Because of this, it seems quite likely that instead of adding to the lineup of 6970 cards, Sapphire plans to use this one to take over from the stock card released early this year. Whether the price will change is up in the air at the moment. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.