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£169.99 Celcus 32" HD Ready 1080p LCD TV

If you are looking to upgrade your existing flat screen TV of smaller screen size and that too without spending too much, then look no further as Celcus presents the 32-inch 32882HDLCD HD Ready LCD TV.

The Celcus 32" TV is capable of proving a Full HD 1080p output that would deliver crystal clear output. The built-in digital tuner would get you started right away with access to all 40 TV channels and over 20 digital radio stations.

The setup is easy through the on-screen menu system. Through the HDMI input, you can connect Blu-Ray players to enjoy your favourite movies; gaming console to enjoy latest games; digital cameras to view your photos and videos directly onto the TV, etc.

The USB socket would let you connect USB enabled cameras to view all your photos as well as video files and also listen to your MP3s. The SCART socked allows you to connect your digital set top box.

The audio on the TV is not bad either with Nicam Stereo output through 2 6W speakers.

The 32-inch TV is wall mountable as well and is compliant with VESA guidelines.

Sainsbury's is offering the Celcus 32" HD Ready LCD TV for £169.99.