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40% UK Businesses Still Using Fax Machines Claims Intel Survey

A new study has claimed that UK small and medium businesses are still operating in the IT dark ages with a significant number of companies still using fax machines.

Chip giant Intel reported that according to a survey of 3,000 small businesses in the UK, 40% of the executives were still using fax machines.

The survey also revealed that only 16.2% executives in small businesses were using a smartphone while only 1.2% were using a tablet PC device.

According to The Register, the respondents claimed that they used outdated IT equipment owing to a lack of sufficient financial and human resources.

The report throws light on the dire IT state in which small businesses in the UK are operating despite all the services and products targeted at them.

"It's clear that as SMEs tighten their purse strings, buying new technologies falls to the bottom of the list of priorities. Yet, it's important that IT decision makers weigh the advantages, such as the increased efficiency and flexibility delivered by mobile devices, against the cost," said Graham Palmer, managing director of Intel UK.

"In many sectors, such as the creative industries and retail, using outdated legacy technologies could even result in the loss of your competitive advantage." he added.