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£65.99 Flip MinoHD 3rd Generation Black Video Recorder

Flip presents the MinoHD that enables easy HD video recording for duration of up to 2 hours making sure that you never miss another important minute of your life.

Round-edged super-sleek MinoHD comes with a matte front and its pocket-sized design makes it easy to carry wherever you go in even your skinny jeans.

Image stabilisation feature allows you to capture incredibly clear and steady HD video even if you are not an expert in video recording; while FlipShare software lets you organise, create and share videos easily.

The new MinoHD is incredibly easy to use. Just power on, press record and start capturing high-quality HD video within seconds. The FlipShare software would allow you to share videos directly with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

MinoHD comes with 8 GB of internal storage and a 2" anti-glare colour display that would let you play back and delete videos. The video recorder also comes with a built-in wide-range, omni-directional (stereo) microphone.

Some of the other features of the MiniHD are 2x digital zoom, Touch-sensitive capacitive buttons, USB 2.0 via flip-out USB arm, Tripod mount, HDTV Out, etc.

The Flip MinoHD 3rd Generation Black Video Recorder is available from Amazon for £65.99.