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Apple Launches iTunes Match Beta 2 for Developers Only

iPad maker Apple has failed to launch the iTunes Match service in October - the company will instead release the iTunes Match Beta 2 for Apple TV to developers only, according to a report by Slashgear.

The developer release comes after the iTunes Match button appeared on iOS 5, sparking rumours that the service would soon be launched.

But, the service will be available in a new beta 2 version of iTunes 10.5.1. The version is available only to developers and supports Apple TV.

Apple told developers the iTunes 10.5.1 beta 2 fixes some performance and stability issues. The company launched the service with the first beta. Developers are required to update to the new beta if they want to continue using the service.

iTunes Match is a revolutionary new service, based on iCloud, which first scans the user's music library that includes music bought from iTunes or other sources, and looks for them in the iTunes music store library, which has around 18 million songs.

If it finds the match, it stores the music automatically on the iCloud. Music not found, which is highly unlikely, is uploaded to the iCloud automatically.