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Apple To "Overhaul" ALL Product Families In 2012?

2012 could be the year where Apple commits to a great purge and radically changes its product range according to sources within the company's supply chain.

Yenting Chen and Steve Chen from Digitimes say that the next generation iPhone and iMac are unlikely to be revealed until July 2012 at earliest.

Rumours have already emerged about the possibility that the MacBook Pro range could be merged with the MacBook Air, with the former adopting the form factor of the latter.

We've also heard about the dismissal of its workstation range, the Mac Pro. Apple already canned Xserve towards the end of last year.

One thing that could happen next year with the arrival of OS X 10.8 is a move from Intel's x86 architecture to ARM, with Apple finally succeeding in using its own A5 and A6 chips across all its products.

It is also likely that Steve Jobs had been working on that product transition - if Digitimes claims are true - before he died, as he hinted that the Post-PC era had arrived back in August 2010.

Apple is already said to have 1000 enginners working on chips for the Post PC era, hardware solutions that could change the very fabric of computers and mark the end of the personal computer as we know it.

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