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Asus Set To Release ARM-based Windows 8 Tablets In 2012?

A slide from Asus' 2011 Investor Conference presentation deck sheds more light on its tablet strategy next year, as the world prepares for the arrival of Windows on ARM (via ZDnet).

The Taiwanese company says that it will be a leading partner in the Windows on ARM alliance, which will provide the company with a "ticket to sell Windows 8 tablet in Q3' 2012".

Two "hero products" are set to be launched then with a focus on "innovation and product perfection" and an "aggressive market share and mind share attacking strategy over the same period".

It is likely that Asus will stick to one platform and release Windows 8 and Android on ARM only, rather than Intel. Doing so would allow Asus to save on development costs and reduce its bill of materials through economies of scale.

In addition, where Asus had to rely on one x86 supplier only, Windows on ARM will support up to four different SoC providers which will increase competition and hopefully drive down prices.

Furthermore, Windows 8 for ARM is almost certainly going to be available, at least initially, to OEMs only, because it wouldn't make much sense otherwise.

Interestingly, the first products based on the ARM Cortex A15 are expected to be launched in the second half of next year, so we wouldn't be surprise to see Windows 8 tablets based on these chips.

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